Product Technology

Product Technology

Our gloves are comprised of three very unique technologies. Learn about them below.

Outer Shell

Outer Shell

For a fire fighting glove outer shell we at Dragon Fire firmly subscribe to the belief that there is no substitute for full leather.

In selecting the leather for our outer shell we considered the exotic hides that are all the newest rage, however we found no significant benefit over ultra premium cowhide. We scoured the globe to find special top grain Italian cow leather that utilizes a special tanning process perfected over the centuries by Italian craftsmen. This ultra premium leather exhibits remarkable durability, abrasion resistance, pliability, long-lasting water repellency, superior softness and unparalleled grip strength. This leather physically cannot absorb as much water as other gloves and subsequently dries soft and subtle at an accelerated rate.

To the outer shell we added a double Kevlar stitched top layer strategically wrapped over the palm and knuckle zone for increased resistance and grip strength. Italian top grain leather really is the way to go.

Thermal Liner

Thermal Liner

We knew that there was a better solution to current thermal liners on the market and what we discovered was Kovenex™. Kovenex™ is a new patented blend of high-performance fibers offering true flame resistance and unsurpassed levels of heat blocking for burn protection.

This thin soft durable liner alone has a TPP rating in excess of 15. In addition, our liner utilizes an extreme bond retention system to ensure no liners pull out in the glove.

The Kovenex™ liner weight in our rescue gloves was specifically formulated just for our glove. A high percentage of the material’s composition is made of body armor grade Para-Aramid fiber.

Beyond the thermal protection this affords superior cut and puncture protections that other rescue gloves simply do not have.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier

For our vapor barrier we looked at the options currently available and decided upon a revolutionary thermal urethane barrier. This very special barrier exhibits a melting point well above NFPA requirements, superior liquid penetration resistance, breathability and severe tensile strength. This thermal urethane barrier should not be confused with traditional poly based barriers.

Poly based barriers were not task designed for the fire service. Our thermal urethane barrier is specifically designed for the fire service. We utilize welded seams (no hand painted or glued seams) and the barrier exhibits a very high moisture vapor transmission rate.

Our barrier is also manufactured in different sizes to accommodate the various sizes of gloves we offer and as well reduce bulk in the smaller gloves. Unlike Teflon our barrier is memory free when it comes to bending and stretching and offers unsurpassed resiliency in return to static state. Our barrier is impermeable to steam and meets the NFPA standards for liquid, chemical and blood borne pathogen penetration.

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